Introducing the Digitally Agile Researcher

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The digitally agile researcher is increasingly digitally savvy, researching online, drawing on multidisciplinary teams and international networks. They use a mixture of methods to answer practical as well as theoretical questions. The digitally savvy researcher connects, builds and sustains varied and global audiences interested in their research. They are likely to blog, tweet, geotag and produce multimedia content. In brief, the digitally savvy researcher uses new technologies to create and extend impact with their work.

What survival skills do academics need to become digitally agile and to establish an effective academic online presence? In one handy book, this essential read contains comprehensive advice on developing and sustaining a unique mix of scholarly skills and
digital competencies.

From getting started with twitter, to more detailed advice on managing time as an academic blogger and forum moderator, this book provides real world case studies to illustrate how to integrate digital engagement with traditional scholarly work. With a range of helpful strategies, this is a credible and practical guide for graduate students, early career researchers, and more experienced academics.

There’s lots more on this work in the book ‘Digitally Agile Researcher’, available now.

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